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52 Inch Complete Carrier Frame Assembly (P/N 8811)

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Tag Part Number Description More Info
15975-3Cable Tie (50# x 7")
25744 (now 5744-1)Spring Clip Bracket
35743-1Spring Cover
45743-4Eyebolt (3/8-16 x 2-3/4)
58667-1 (now 8667-10)Pivot Mount, LH/Adj.
65830-3Grease Fitting (45 Degree)
78667-2 (now 8667-20)Pivot Mount, RH/Adj.
85743-6Extension Spring (1-1/2 x 7-3/4)
98674 (now 8674-10)Lever, Deck Lock, LH
102850 (now 7406-1)Handle Grip (Red)
118811-1252 SD Carrier Frame
8811-1052 SD Carrier Frame, with Pivots
125850-5Handle Grip (1 x 1 x 3-3/4)
138811-25Tilt Bar, with Grip (35")
147775-5Lock Pin (5/16)
158674 (now 8674-10)Lever, Deck Lock, RH
168740Deck Pin Bushing (3/4 ID)
175830Grease Fitting
188766Axle Nut (3/4-16)
198768-2Seal, Reverse Lip
208037Bearing Cone (3/4 ID)
218037-2Bearing Race
228768Caster Wheel, Pneumatic (11 x 4.00-5)
8768-3Tire, Pneumatic (11 x 4.00-5)
8768-5Caster Wheel (5 x 3)
238767Axle, Caster Wheel (5-1/8)
248765-10 (now 8765-11)Caster Wheel Fork
268769-6Bearing Cone (1" ID)
278769-5Bearing Cup (2 x 1-5/8)
288769-8Dust Cap, Deck Caster
F0143/8-16 ESNA Nut
F117Retainer Ring
F1407/16-14 x 1 Hex Bolt
F166Retainer Ring
F2187/16 Split Lock Washer
F2631-1/4 External Snap Ring
F294 (now F317)3/16 x 1 Split Spring Pin
F3353/8-16 x 7/8 Set Screw, SS
F3363/8-16 Jam Nut
F3443/4-16 Slotted Hex Nut
F3473/4 SAE Washer
F3481/8 x 1-1/2 Cotter Pin
18770 can be ordered to assist re-